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  Many Houstonians have discovered that the use of Houston Security Iron's window and door security bars are the next best visual deterrent to having an armed guard standing in front of your home or business.  Since 1975, thousands of satisfied clients all across Harris County have had their security needs met with our security bars.

  Security bars help you protect the things most precious to you. The truth is that burglars are often in and out of your home or business before anyone responds to an electronic alarm. With our security bars preventing access, you don't have to worry.

  Whether it's a single security bar door for your home or dozens of window security bars for your commercial property, our tough yet affordable security bars will meet the challenge.

  We offer many types of security bars, burglar bar windows, burglar bar doors, burglar bar patio gates, security entry enclosures, security breezeway fences, and other specialized security products.  All of our products are custom designed, fabricated and installed to provide the best fit, protection and appearance.

  We are a Houston Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, we are rated A+.  We have recently be given the prestigious "Award For Excellence".  Please check us out at there web site: Houston BBB 

  We can even supply the same custom built security bars for you to install yourself.  Call today for a free estimate: 281-398-2277 or email us at:

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